r2, Architecture meets the Visual Arts

r2 - Art In Progress

r2, Architecture meets the Visual Arts

Duration: 13-20 May 2016 – Patras

17 speakers, 50 participants from 11 faculties of Architecture and Fine Arts in Greece were invited to explore the relationship between Architecture and Visual Arts in the area of ​​the ever-changing urban environment for 7 days.

Art in Progress, in collaboration with the Association of Architects of the Prefecture of Achaia (AAPA), organized an innovative workshop full of dialogue, debates, lectures, city tours and constructions. Participants, students, teachers and artists focused on the notion of the unexpected, as it emerges within the bounds of the city’s experience. A common place in all these aspects is the sudden changes of the scale; from the near to the distant, the modern with the old, the linear with the circular, the one with the mass, the determined with the limitless.

How can these transitions be integrated into the design?

What creative ends and experiential transitions end up in the unexpected?
What is the morphological affinity of the defined and the unexpected in the modern urban state?

From May 13 to May 17, 2016, the workshop took place in the conference room of the Technical Chamber of Greece and the Archaeological Museum of Patras. From 18 to 20 May 2016 the participants were in the public space of the St. Nicholas motto to materially construct their creations. Creations that not only came from «light» materials that were given to them, but also what they discovered on their own, through their tours of the city.

Coordinators: Thanasis Moutsopoulos, Nikos Patsavos

Editing Group: Sofia Ioannidis, Antonis Ladopoulos, Eleni Malli, Cleopatra Tsirli, Angelos Tzortzis, Parthenopi Chrysanthopoulou

Rapporteurs:Constantine Vasiliou _ Joseph Dakoronias _ Yannis Ziogas _ Dimitris Zouroudi _ Thanasis Moutsopoulos _ Panagiotis Pangalos _ Apostolos Panos _ Angelos Papageorgiou _ Lois Papadopoulos _ Nikos Patsavos _ Jacob Rigos _ Dimitris Rotsios _ Vasilis Stroumbakos _ Vasilis Tsesmetzis_ Angel Floros_ Dimitris Frangos _ Panos Charalambous

Attendance certificates were issued at the end of the workshop.

For any clarification, you can contact the following e-mail: info@artinprogress.