1st Street Art Festival Patras │ ArtWalk 1

1st Street Art Festival Patras ArtWalk 1 │ 11-12 and 18-19 October 2014
As part of RE-culture 3

The idea of Street Art Festival was born in Patras in order to promote the art and techniques of alternative forms of culture focusing on the artistic intervention on the urban landscape.
As part of the International Artistic Festival of Patras, RE-culture in collaboration with local cultural organizations and artists from the rest of the country will create for the first time an innovative action to Patras.
An interdisciplinary artistic project was held, reflecting the thought and desire of artists for direct expression and communication with the unprepared public of the city, and the urgent need for public space ownership.

ArtWalk 1 lured people outside the established paths of the city, suggesting movement, music, color and imagination in their everyday lives.

Also, we would like to inform you that ArtWalk 1, was non profit and relied on the voluntary efforts of active citizens.