Seminar on the Theory of Contemporary Art

Seminar on the Theory of Contemporary Art
Organized by: Art in Progress 2016, Patras – Greece
Speaker: Konstantinos Vasiliou, PhD University Paris 1 Panthéon – Sorbonne

A new series of seminars in Art History and Philosophy of aesthetics proposed by Art in Progress. The Art in Progress opens its doors to a theoretical empowerment initiative of our citizens. The seminar Professor Konstantinos Vasiliou suggested which marked one of the most charismatic theorists of art at this time in our country.
He says, “The way of being of art has changed radically compared with older ages and perhaps changed even deeper than in previous decades. What are the elements that can define this new way of being? What are the standards of institutional and social dimensions of art? This seminar, interdisciplinary character of philosophy, art history and cultural critic, will attempt to outline the latest developments on these issues. Its purpose is to provide participants with a mapping of the questions and ideas that are at the contemporary art, in order to facilitate the approach of the phenomenon both practical and theoretical point of view. ”

The themes of the seminars were:

Modern and postmodern
Art and Technology
Developments in the 21st century
The Greek situation