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Art in Progress is a non-profit organization.
The implementation of the events of Art in Progress relies on grants, sponsorships and donations.
Whlie supporting Art in Progress, .you support the continuance of the social work in socially vulnerable groups, in children and youth.

Via paypal account or credit card, by clicking the appropriate link, you can offer any amount of money.

Or contributory:

  • With 5 euro you get a commemorative notepad notes of Art in Progress.
  • With 10 euros you get a catalogue of RE-culture 1.
  • With 15 euros you get a catalogue of RE-culture 2.
  • With 15 euros you get a catalogue of RE-culture 3.
  • With 30 euros you get catalogues of RE-culture 1, 2 and 3

 Civilian  as a Citizen

In a Greek society which is deeply fragmented by fore conflicting attitudes, it is only reasonable for Culture and issues related to Arts to be presented as of secondary importance. This estimate is mainly due to the prevailing strategy existing for decades, that, in order to produce cultural events, there must be pre-existing funding. Any policy revolved around Culture presupposes public money without any financial return to the society, nevertheless, adapted to the politicians’ “needs”.

The current crisis forced Culture and Arts to a dead end as any artistic manifestation was identified with a collapsing state. It is only inevitable for such ‘governmental-diet Culture’ to collapse. However, due to the fact that Culture in its essence exceeds far beyond any “crisis” and any “statism”, fortunately collectives still exist in need of artistic creation, organizing their visibility so that Art does not depend upon public funding or public relations …

The paradox: in the ancient Greek city the ‘civilian’ is the one who does not actively participate in the society; on the contrary, he is characterised by his denial on wanting to act upon the society as an active citizen. In the “Greek crisis”, when all ideas and concepts are so far removed from their actual meaning, the hope for re-creation is based upon active citizens  rather than the state. We warmly thank them all.

The people / citizens of Art in Progress …

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