Nothing is wasted

Nothing is wasted, Patra- 2012

Art in Progress designed and implemented a comprehensive art project in relation to recycling entitled “Nothing is wasted”. With a focus on awareness and creative imagination of students, Art in Progress worked with Departments of Environmental Education of Primary and Secondary Education and with the help of Deputy Mayoralty of Patras for Voluntarism and cleaniness and municipal community “Patras Carnival” enterprise.
Aiming to experiential participation of children in alternative forms of recycling and being able to make art constructions,  using recyclable materials and “useless” reuse objects.

The seminar was attended by the artists:
Christos Pappas, Irini Brati, Ilias Aidonidis, Kanela Stasinopoulou and Kleomenis Kostopoulos.

Also Penny Sakovelh attended from the Department of Enviromental Primary Education, Ioanna Papaiwannou from the Department of Enviromental Secondary Education, volunteers of the Municipality of Patras group “Epsilon” and volunteers from “Red Cross”.

The artworks were exhibited in George Square, in the centre of Patras.
The participation exceeded the number of 600 children.