“Change the city” at 2nd Second chance school of Patras

“Change the city” of 2nd Second chance school of Patras and Art in Progress

Art in Progress, as part of its collaborations with the city’s stakeholders, participated on a voluntary basis in the Action Plan “Colors and Hopes” that was implemented for the school year 2016-17 at the Second Chance School of Patras, that operates in prison of Ag.Stephanou Patras.

As stated in a statement, the intention of Art in Progress members was to offer to people, who are going through difficult times of their life, the experience of a particular activity that they might have never been able to experience even as free citizens. To make graffiti in the courtyard of the School within Prisons.

As they point out:

“We believe that in modern democratic society, education, art and creativity must be the inalienable right of all of us. In some cases, indeed, it becomes perhaps the only link of communication with their existence.

Art in any place that it takes place whether it is “secrete substances” of spiritual and mental freedom, especially to people who realize their mistakes in conditions of deprivation and nevertheless want and try to have a second chance. ”

The action had a very strong response from the learners and was completed with great success. It was developed in four day sessions, completing the stencil graffiti technique from start to finish.

Initially, an extensive presentation was made to the street art movement, then the pupils were divided into groups by selecting themes and in collaboration with the responsible artists, 9 large stencil images were made on a wall of the prison’s courtyard.

The contributors for this action from Art in Progress were,
Kleomenis Kostopoulos (visual artist),
Aristomenis Hatzipapas (visual artist-teachers)
Vasiliki Stamou (visual artist),
while from the 2nd Second Chance School of Patras
the director of the school Gerasimos Antypas and
the teachers Anthi Karatrantou and
Leontios Charalambides.