Change the city

One of the oldest pumping stations in Patras was transformed!

The pumping station of Demenika in Patras was constructed in the framework of the Marshall Project in Greece and has been operating since 1956. It has enabled the inhabitants of the area, through water extraction, to develop agriculture and cope with the widespread poverty of the time (according to the residents).

This historic route of the active pumping station has moved artists KLE and DEMIAN to undertake its transformation. They made a visual intervention based in street art, being inspired by the water element and an Art in Progress initiative.

Water as a source of life and memory is transferred from KLE to modern Greece and the tragic situation of refugees in the Mediterranean.  “My work in the pumping station communicates with the environment and with the locals,” says DEMIAN. “It’s a goodmorning to the community and a calling to our bottom without forgetting to return.”

The result is excellent, see it: (video)

Special thanks to
Christine Papadopoulou and priest Chrisotdoulo for their precious help for the realization of our project and our sponsors: Montana Colors and VECHRO.

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