Laboratory free creativity re-stART – Patras

The free creative re-stART workshop in Patras operates as an educational structure of Art in Progress for children and adults.
It aims both to artistic, artistic painting and education and to strengthen theoretical and training students or people who feel really dimiourgikoi.I Art in Progress gives students direct contact with innovative programs of artistic productions, giving them the possibility of a complete high education specifications.

The parts that work are:
candidate preparing section for Higher Fine Arts Schools in Greece and abroad.
candidate preparation courses for schools and portfolio: Architecture, Plastic Arts and TEI decorative, graphic design, photography, conservation of antiquities and works of art.
original child painting departments.
adult painting sections.
architectural / line art section.
Section graffiti.

It will operate a comprehensive theoretical curriculum by qualified scientists:
history courses art and theory of architecture
workshops art therapy
theater history seminars.

Modern methods of Art in Progress along with the best trainers of the city artists, offer substantial results in all areas of art education.

Students of workshops and seminars can receive official monitoring study certificate from the Art in Progress.

Programme Manager: Kleomenis Kostopoulos

For volunteers Art in Progress and partner organizations, students and unemployed there are special prices.
Registration and information about the workshops and theoretical seminars:
Daily from 11:00 to 13:00 by phone: +30 2610 339 743 and +30 6934 269 856