Music supports Art vol.1

Art in Progress invites you to music events to fund the 2nd Art Art Festival Patras │ArtWalk 2.

We are waiting for you on Sunday 17th of April at YAFKA with beautiful music choices from DJs who support Art In Progress: Vangelis, Lampros Anestios, Martina Sergiou, Mimis Plessas, Nikos Apostolopoulos, Nikos Kokoris, Sotiris Stylianos, Tasos Stavropoulos, Timon Kardamas Ilias Lampropoulos.

Start Time: 22:00.

Entrance: 5 €.

Art in Progress is preparing to open its doors for the second year in Patras on an ambitious Street Art Festival, ArtWalk 2.

The main theme of the festival is the art of graffiti.

For the first time in Greece,

10 murals in 10 days, in one city!

Inspired by the dynamics of graffiti, the city of Patras expects  in ArtWalk 2 the project Graffiti Art.

On May 27, a group of at least 20 graffiti artists, visual artists, graphic artists, architects and intellectuals from Greece and abroad will be in Patras to do something that has never happened in our country: they will transform 10 big walls into works of art.

Art in Progress, faithful to civil society, despite the adverse economic conditions, expects to maintain its vision. It organizes pioneering art festivals that constitute a unique proposal in Patras in relation to contemporary Greek and international art.

Following the unexpected response of our fellow citizens to grant walls within the graffiti theme, Art in Progress is trying not to discount the size of the project.

So it organizes unique music events with the voluntary offer of musicians, DJs and entertainment venues for the financial support of ArtWalk 2.

Thanks to our sponsors.