open call _ RE-culture 4

The 4th International Visual Arts Festival of Patras | RE-culture 4 wishes to support a wider search of young Greek artists. In this effort, we issue an open call in many of the festival’s thematic exhibitions.

We invite artists living in Greece (any nationality) up to 40 years old to send us their work in order to participate in RE-culture 4.

The thematic exhibitions that you can submit your application and after being evaluated to be able to participate in RE-culture 4, are the following:

  1. Pop Art
  2. Psychedelia
  3. Βio Art
  4. Sex
  5. Art and Propaganda
  6. Media Art
  7. Sound Art
  8. «everyone will be famous for 15 minutes»

For the 8th thematic exhibition “everyone will be famous for 15 minutes”, paraphrasing Andy Warhol’s saying, all applications are acceptable WITHOUT ANY AGE LIMITATION and WITHOUT EVALUATION.
In the presentation/ display of this thematic exhibition will be invited to attend numerous art historians, curators, collectors, gallery owners, artists, professors of Schools of Fine Arts and academics.

In this way we hope to give the possibility to your work to find its way.

Duration of application submission: up to May 31, 2016 at 17:00 p.m.

If your work is selected, the organization of the festival will be able to undertake the following:

  1. Your project’s transportation expenses from Athens and Thessaloniki (from Patras and other parts of the country the transportation costs are charged to the artist).
  2. Mention of the name or your work in the book/catalog of the exhibition (if issued).

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